Step 1 – Newly Diagnosed (Obtain Records)

The easiest way to get copies of medical records is either to ask the doctor for copies during your appointment, or ask receptionist if they have an electronic medical records (EMR) service. If your dr’s office has EMR, they have a website where you can access your records any time, and their front desk can usually get the patient set up for online.
Every Prostate Cancer is DIFFERENT.
What’s Yours?
Ask your urologist for:
You will need these for Step 3.


Also ask for:
  • Ultrasound report from biopsy
  • MRI report (if used), correlating with biopsy
  • PSA history
  • CT Scan – written report (not CD images)
  • Bone Scan – written report (not CD images)
Common Missing Information – The Ultrasound Report

The Ultrasound Report from your biopsy has your prostate size, which can make a difference in your treatment decision, and even in your understanding of your PSA. You often have to ask for it as it is not routinely given out as part of your medical records when you are newly diagnosed. It may also be called an Echogram, or Sonogram report.

Read more about prostate size here.