PSA Rising

Note: If you are on Hormone Therapy, go to PSA Rising (On Hormone Therapy)

A PSA rise after surgery or radiation can be concerning, but may not necessarily be urgent or life threatening. It may not even be cancer recurrence. But it is a time to begin researching again. This may seem daunting at first, especially if you were told you were cured with local therapy, but remember to just go one step at a time. Your research will pay off in better questions, which always get you better answers. Remember too that PAACT has a free Helpline where you can talk to someone who is knowledgeable about prostate cancer issues. Call (844) PAACT 4 U.

If your PSA is rising after radiation, the first thing you need to research and discuss is whether you’re having PSA (cancer) recurrence, or a PSA bump or PSA bounce…which is not cancer recurrence. See first 3 articles below.

If you’re having a PSA rise after surgery, there are many things to consider. But monitoring both your PSA and your PSA Doubling Time (PSADT) is important. You can calculate your PSADT here.   See first video below.

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