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Some prostate cancer patients receive cure with local treatment such as surgery, radiation, or cryotherapy. But no one has a 100% chance of cure, which can leave a man wondering about his PSA blood test and whether or not it will ever go up. What many patients don’t realize is that considering lifestyle changes might help prevent or delay any chance or prostate cancer recurrence. This can change the PSA monitoring process from dreading a PSA rise, to hoping for a stable PSA, or a PSA drop. Although there is no PROOF that lifestyle changes can prevent prostate cancer recurrence, there is an overwhelming amount of EVIDENCE that it may help. And there is no proof that lifestyle changes don’t prevent recurrence, yet there is an overwhelming about of evidence that it can be good for overall health, including heart health.

So, what type of lifestyle changes might help? Many experts agree that a heart-healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, supplements) is a prostate-healthy lifestyle. For these reasons, we have included information on diet, exercise, and supplements in this section.

We have also included information on side effects that men may be experiencing after local therapy. There is help for many side effects, but you may have to try more than one approach.

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